The Advantages of Having an AED in the Workplace

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the advantages of having an AED in the workplace. Cardiac arrest is becoming a serious health threat for people worldwide. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration reported that around 10,000 cardiac arrests occur in the U.S each year at places of work. Having a…


These Signs Tell When To Stop Performing CPR on a Person

Knowing when to stop performing CPR is very important. If done right and in a timely manner, the CPR technique can significantly increase the chances of survival in out-of-hospital incidents, such as suffocation and cardiac arrest. These incidents happen more than 330,000 times within a single year solely in the United States.  Although most people…


The Top 11 Careers That Require CPR Certification: An Extended List

Learning the top 11 Careers that require CPR clarification will help you choose a line of work to use your certification. Considering a career in EMT or a hospital surely requires having valid CPR certification. However, emergency situations don’t choose a time or a place, and most cases don’t even reach the hospital doors. With…